Design-Build Analysis

Construction Plans

In modern business organizations, one of the most important goals for a new facility is that its project costs be at or below an established budget. The undertaking is based on an acceptable return on investment and/or occupancy costs. If this goal is not achieved the project will not be successful. Many millions of dollars a year are wasted because final bids exceed the original estimate or budget and those costs cannot practically be reduced.

One of the best values that design-build can effectively deliver is cost control. We work with our customers in the earliest stages of the project to develop the highest quality affordable design that meets the required criteria. The project is thoroughly and continuously measured against a realistic budget before any large engineering or construction expense is committed. Neither time nor money is lost to unrealistic estimates.

Common Questions

Project Cost

Provided early on – Needs only schematic design and basic project description. In most cases we can offer a guaranteed cost.

Completion Time

Much shorter – which means less interest paid and much quicker income production.


During construction, our project manager is the only person you will have to contact about anything regarding your construction project. Our manager is considered your extended employee – a fiduciary position.

End Product

A building custom designed and built to achieve corporate goals by fitting the business plan.


Your participation is as involved or detached as you prefer. Our team’s early project description sets the goals for the design and controls the project cost and time schedule.


We take total responsibility for the implementation of design, construction, scheduling, cost and quality. There are no adversarial issues as with typical design-bid-build.

Construction Management

ARCO can provide construction management services even if we are not your chosen contractor. We will work along with your architect or contractor to ensure you have everything covered.

You may have friends or associates to do your work but have concerns they many need some oversight. ARCO offers construction management services for special arrangements such as this.


Arco can assist with site development. We have the equipment and expertise to provide site cut and fill, along with proper compaction and drainage. This alleviates issues when you decide to move forward with building structures on your site.

Code Compliance (NFPA, Life Safety & International Building Code)

Code compliance can add extensive costs to your project. ARCO’s staff is proficient in the various State and governmental agency codes that affect today’s businesses. Planning for these codes is imperative to keep costs within budget.

We can also help you respond to deficiency reports and many times resolve the issue without having to make the requested changes.

Healthcare Specialization

ARCO has designed and/or built over 300 healthcare facilities, from hospitals and nursing homes to doctors’ offices and dialysis clinics. That experience is invaluable.

Healthcare codes are much more stringent than building codes for other types of facilities. The last thing you need is a building which is ready to occupy that cannot open because codes have not been met. In addition to costs directly incurred from such delays, even more must be spent for additional work to bring your facility up to code.

ARCO can prevent this disaster from ever happening.

Architectural & Engineering Services

ARCO’s staff can provide complete architectural and engineering services. As a general rule, our cost is less since we are more keenly aware of the final construction costs. We can provide architectural and engineering work even if we are not the selected contractor.


ARCO’s bonding line is available if needed. However, other security options are available. Inquire how we can assist you.

Information Modeling

Our design team is steadily improving our understanding and implementation of the latest in computer aided design practices. We not only produce construction drawings, we produce building information models. These models lend themselves not only to aesthetic, three dimensional perspective analyses, but also to virtual space/volume analysis for mechanical and lighting system design. We can also study the existing site conditions such as sun angles and topography and allow them to inform our design as well. This means that our designs are virtual buildings that lend themselves to critical analysis long before they are built. This minimizes mistakes in the field, saving our customers time and money.