Questions & Answers

Faster than traditional

Is there a building method that is faster and more economical than the traditional architect and general contractor method?


A design-build process allows for all of the design and construction responsibilities to come from one multi-disciplined source. Our strength lies in a careful and proven balance between great design and superior construction economy.

Separate design source

Wouldn’t I have better control of the project using a separate design source?

Our experience has proven that the three most important controlling elements in any construction project are:

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Time of Construction

Their way: When the building process is fragmented by separating design from construction, quality can only be controlled after the design process is completed and bids are taken. Similarly, project cost is not known until the entire design process is complete and the low bidder has been established. Competitive bidding on a fixed design can sometimes be a process of finding which general contractor will satisfy the minimum requirements for a cheaper building.

Our way: With design-build, quality, cost and time of construction are adjusted and finally established concurrently to meet the desired end result. From our first meeting, our design and construction practices reflect the same goal of delivering to the customer the highest levels of design and construction, at the most competitive costs, in the least amount of time. This promotes a sincere search for the best and most economical way to build while meeting the specific management objectives and corporate goals of our customers. Of course, as rquired by law, our architects and design consultants follow through with on site job observation to review progress, life safety code issues and verify design intent.

Competitive bids

Won’t my project cost more without competitive bids?

That’s unlikely and here’s why…

On most building projects, we, as the Design-Build Contractor will purchase most of the project, about 70% from others in the form of materials, equipment and subcontracts. This means that we will literally purchase a majority of the job on your behalf. We will make design recommendations, and offer construction solutions based on material and equipment quotations so that your objectives for long life, great performance and least maintenance will be satisfied (life cycle cost).

Numerous competitive quotations on the subcontractor portions of the job will be evaluated, allowing the selection of the best, and lowest cost building solution.

Take longer?

Does Design-Build take longer for a finished project?

Emphatically no!

In fact, our projects move much faster than normal construction projects; sometimes as much as 30-40% faster. We pride ourselves on setting optimal construction schedules and staying ahead of them! Having worked together on so many projects, our design department and construction departments “speak the same language”. Our drawings and specifications while thorough and comprehensive, do not suffer from unnecessary detail or confusing data. They are instead professionally and meticulously succinct which saves design time and avoids confusion in the field. Everyone is aware that changes in the field are the enemy to a construction schedule, so we do everything imaginable to avoid them.

We can also “fast-track” a project. The detailed working drawings need not be completed to start field work. Site work and foundations can be started immediately, while other phases of the work are being detailed. You get occupancy sooner, which equates to a valuable savings in time, money and most importantly, an early beneficial use.

How does this work?

How does this work? When do I know how much the project will cost?

The design-build team begins a careful analysis of your objectives and goals by listening well. We then present detailed project descriptions, total estimated costs and sometimes even rough sketches, within 3-4 weeks. If these estimates and project descriptions meet the feasibility target of your objective, you are now able to proceed. In most cases, it is practical and desirable to set a guaranteed maximum cost within which the design-build contractor works for a fixed fee. On other projects, a lump sum quotation may be advisable and practical. Numerous contractual arrangements are possible, but yes, you do KNOW the costs early on, and more importantly, you are in CONTROL of the costs. This allows the purchase of the best construction value possible for your money.

You know what you need. It’s our job to help you visualize it, describe it well so we’re all in agreement and then deliver it in fine order so that we stay within the budget. That quite simply, is just what we do.